Submission Terms

Important Information

You should carefully read the following Terms. Your submitting a tutorial implies that you have read and accepted this Terms.


To submit tutorial the author has to pass the process of registration which henceforth allows the author to access author account entering login and password.

Registration process implies submitting contact information, such as author's name and e-mail (this is for our company's inner use only - read more about our Privacy Policy), as well as login and password. Login is supposed to be published as Author name on author's page and under the title of tutorial.

Breakdown of Tutorials into Categories

3D Flash Tutorials - Learn to create 3D effects in Flash.
3rd Party Flash Tutorials - Tutorials on related third party tools.
All Flash Tutorials - All Flash Tutorials
Expression Blend Tutorials - Learn to use another popular Flash authoring tool - Expression Blend
Flash Actionscripting Tutorials - Tutorials on mastering Flash scripting.
Flash Animation Tutorials - Learn to create Flash animation sequences, Flash intros and Flash demos.
Flash Articles - Flash and Flash related articles.
Flash Audio Tutorials - Tutorials on using and controlling sound in Flash.
Flash Backend Tutorials - Server based Flash solutions, server tools and scripting.
Flash Basics Tutorials - You have to start from somewhere - and Flash Basics is the best place to.
Flash Dynamic Content Tutorials - Learn how to use Flash with data sources - databases and text files, forms and interaction, XML.
Flash Games Tutorials - Step by step tutorials to teach you create your own Flash games
Flash Interactivity Tutorials - Tutorials on creating user interaction - menu, JavaScript control, etc.
Flash Math Physics Tutorials - Maths and physics tutorials, and relating them to Flash with examples.
Flash Optimization Tutorials - Flash movies and image optimizing.
Flash Projector Tutorials - This section looks at flash projector files.
Flash Special Effects Tutorials - Tutorials on special animation effects.
Flash Text Effects Tutorials - Instructions on how to create and manipulate text in Flash.
Flash Tips & Techniques - Tips and tricks, time savers, easter eggs, etc.
Flash Tutorials - Flash Tutorials
Flash Utilities - Flash related and Flash made utilites.
Flash Video - Learn all the basics of video in Flash. From encoding to skinning.
Flash Web Design - Learn to create Flash templates and website elements.
FlashDesigner Tutorials - Learn to use another popular Flash authoring tool - FlashDesigner
Papervision 3D Tutorials - Learn to use another popular Flash authoring tool - Papervision 3D
SWiSH Tutorials - Learn to use another popular Flash authoring tool - SWiSH

Submission Requirements

With each tutorial the author has to provide a title, a description, and a 40x40 icon.

The title as well as description must be clear, laconic and convey the subject matter of the tutorial as precisely as possible.

The icon must be in gif or jpeg format and must not exceed 7Kb in size. This condition arises to meet the requirements for the page load time.

The content of the tutorial must be informative and unique. In case we discover the tutorial has been stolen from another site we will shut down the author account without the right of renewal, remove all the tutorials by the author already listed on Flash Perfection and ban him from submitting tutorials in future.

Avoid using JavaScript Frame Breakers otherwise your tutorial will be rejected. Let the tutorial readers decide whether they want to see our frame or not.

Tutorials Admission/Rejection

Each tutorial is reviewed by our editors before it is accepted or rejected for listing on Flash Perfection. The author will be notified of the fact of tutorial admission/rejection by the e-mail.

Changes to these Terms

Our company reserves the right to change or modify current Terms with no prior notice.

Questions and Suggestions

If you have questions or suggestions about the privacy policy, or your own personal information, please contact us.
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